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Welcome to Sheringham Town Council

Welcome to Sheringham Town Council

Sheringham Town Council (STC) has 16 members who are unpaid Public Servants. They are the first tier of Local Government, raising taxes through a precept each year to cover the local services and projects for which it is responsible.

The strength of a local council is that it is able to make a unique response to the needs of the community of Sheringham. STC also has a vital role to play in representing the interests of the community it serves and influencing other decision makers.

Council News

golf ball on green grass field during daytime

Beeston Hills Putting Green

Project Update Whilst we wait for additional information required about the new…

Happy St George’s Day

St George was out walking He met a dragon on a hill, It was wise and wonderful Too…
golf ball on green grass field during daytime

Project Update – Beeston Hills

STC purchased the site in order to protect this valuable asset as a Putting Green…
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Community ‘Thank You’ Awards

We want to acknowledge and thank the many people in our Town who volunteer their…
Sherngham Logo

Sports Pavilion – Consultation

PUBLIC CONSULTATION – SPRING 2024 This public consultation will seek to obtain…
golf ball on green grass field during daytime

Beeston Hills – Expression of Interest

Beeston Hills catering facility and putting greens Sheringham Town Council are…

End of year – Clerk’s Newsletter

As 2023 draws to a close and the team wind down to the end of the year, we thought…
Golf ball

Station Approach – Tender Applications 2024

The Tender process is now open. Applicants are invited to submit Tender bids…

Memorial & Dedication Benches

The removal and replacement of the benches that Sheringham Town Council own around…

Your Town Councillors

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Philip Bailey
Ian Kime
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Jeremy Stubbs
Richard Shepherd
Colin Heinink
Jon Dorey
Madeleine Ashcroft
Sue Brisbane
Peter Ratcliffe