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Town Council

Welcome to Sheringham Town Council

Sheringham Town Council (STC) has 16 members who are unpaid Public Servants. They are the first tier of Local Government, raising taxes through a precept each year to cover the local services and projects for which it is responsible.
The strength of a local council is that it is able to make a unique response to the needs of the community of Sheringham. STC also has a vital role to play in representing the interests of the community it serves and influencing other decision makers.

Public Services

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Annual Parish Meeting 2021

Sheringham Town Council Mayor, Madeleine Ashcroft, warmly welcomes residents to attend the Annual Parish Meeting hosted by Zoom Video Conferencing. …

Sheringham News

Notice of Election

Notice of Election

Public Meeting – Queen’s Jubilee 2022

Jubilee Poster

Removal and re-planting of diseased hedgerows

Removal and replacement of diseased hedgerows

Town Clerk Resignation

  Statement from the Mayor:  Sheringham Town Council can confirm that on Monday 18th October, Chair of Council, Peter Ratcliffe, …

Step back in time

History of Sheringham

The story of Sheringham stretches back over many centuries and is built around tales of ordinary folk who settled below the glacial moraine (the cromer ridge) left by the last ice age.