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Richard Shepherd

Richard Shepherd

Born in Weybourne in 1942 Dick spent many happy years as a village boy at his Grandparents home. He considers himself a Norfolk man and is extremely proud of it. In 1947 he moved to Sheringham and in 1954 the whole family moved to Hong Kong where Dick’s father was stationed with the RAF.

Having learned to sail in Hong Kong as a young skipper it gave Dick a taste for the sea and when the family returned from Hong Kong in 1957 he joined the Royal Navy, later on serving with the Special forces.

Dick married in 1978 and has 2 daughters.

Following time spent with the Royal Navy, Dick came back to Norfolk and joined the Police and after 16 years, he retired in 1998.

He was asked to stand as a District Councillor for Sheringham and stood two elections during which he was Chairman of the District Council.