1. Bookings and Payments
    1. Bookings will only be permitted when accompanied with a completed Booking Form.
    2. All bookings must be by hirers over the age of 18.
    3. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information provided to Sheringham Town Council.
    4. All letting fees for non-regular bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking. Bookings made 14 days (or more) in advance will be held for 7 days without payment, after which time, they will be cancelled if no payment has been received. Hirers wishing to rebook at Sheringham Community Centre following a cancellation as a result of non-payment, are required to pay the full fee upfront in order to secure their letting.
    5. Lettings are required to be a minimum of 1 hour.
    6. The Town Council reserves the right to adjust charges at any time to meet increases in costs. Any increases in charges will not be retrospectively applied to any hirer who has paid in advance.
    7. Payment for Hire will only be accepted by Cheque or BAC’s. It is preferred that all payments are made by BACS – please contact communitycentre@sheringhamtowncouncil.gov.uk for details
  2. Cancellations
    1. Hirers must provide a minimum of 7 days cancellation notice to Sheringham Town Council. Cancellations will be refunded by the Council when 7 or more day’s cancellation notice is supplied.
    2. Sheringham Town Council reserves the right to cancel any bookings made at Sheringham Community Centre. In the event that the Town Council must cancel a booking, it will endeavour to provide hirers a minimum of 14 days’ notice. This however, may not be possible in the event of an emergency.
  3. Use of the Premises and Equipment
    1. Centre equipment, other than that specified at the time of letting shall not be used.
    2. Hirers who have multiple bookings for the same room on any given day which render the room unlettable due to equipment being left out between sessions by the Hirer, may be required to pay for the lost time between bookings. It is at the discretion of Sheringham Town Council whether to levy this charge. Assessments will be made on a case by case basis. Note – This applies to any bookings with more than a 30-minute gap between lettings.
    3. Should Hirers experience or note any issues with either their booking, the premises or STC equipment, details should be reported to the Caretaker on duty.
    4. Nails, tacks, screws etc. shall not be driven into, or adhesives fixed to walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, or fittings; unless previously agreed in writing by Sheringham Town Council.
    5. Footwear likely to damage the floors is not to be worn.
    6. Alterations to lighting or heating systems are forbidden.
    7. The hirer and their parties must only use the rooms hired as per the booking form.
    8. The hirer, their group, servants or agents shall not infringe any copyright or performing rights and undertakes to indemnify the Town Council against costs for any infringement.
    9. Alcohol shall not be consumed on the Centre premises except with the permission of the Town Council and will be subject to the conditions made at the time of booking. A Temporary Events Licence if needed must be obtained by the Hirer.
  4. Start and End of Hire
    1. Hirers and their group should refrain from arriving at the Centre earlier than the commencement of their booking and this includes use of the communal carpark.
    2. Hirers who require additional time beyond that allowed to set up for their booking must ensure this is appropriately noted on their booking. Such additional time will be charged at usual rates. Prior access to the room of Hire will not be permitted unless agreed in writing by Sheringham Town Council.
    3. The hirer and their group shall ensure they vacate the room of hire at the time specified on their booking form. Charges may be levied to Hirers who continue to use the premises after the time specified on the booking form.
    4. Litter and property belonging to the hirer or their servants or agents, is to be removed by the hirer at the end of the period of hire. The hirer will pay any costs incurred in removing these items.
    5. The rooms and common areas are to be left in a clean and tidy condition after use. The cleaning costs to restore the rooms to their original state will be responsibility of the user. Any additional cleaning required at the end of the use will be recharged to the Hirer.
  5. Safeguarding
    1. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct ratio of adults to children (under 18 years of age) is strictly adhered to. The Minimum requirements as per the NSPCC are; 0-2 years 1:3, 2-3years 1:4, 4-8 years 1:6, 9-12 years 1:8 and 13-18years 1:10. Specific activities may require more than the minimum and ideally 2 adults should be present.
    2. When hiring for a private children’s party, hirers will be responsible for all children in attendance whilst using the Centre.
  6. Health and Safety
    1. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make themselves aware of the necessary health and safety regulations appertaining to the use of the premises. Similarly, the hirer must be aware of the necessary fire regulations. It is also the responsibility of the hirer to designate a ‘responsible person’ to take charge in the event of an emergency.
    2. No smoking or using E-Cigarettes on the premises which includes the communal car park.
    3. No Dogs, except for those registered as assistance dogs, are allowed on the premises.
  7. Lost Property
    1. Any belongings left at Sheringham Community Centre and found by the Town Council/Caretaker will be kept securely. Hirers will be contacted to inform them of property found. If property is not collected after 3 months, it will be disposed of.
  8. Damage and Insurance
    1. The hirer undertakes to make good any damage to the property caused by the neglect or default of the hirer or organisation or their or their servants or agents.
    2. The Town Council shall not be liable for any injury (including injury resulting in death) or damage to or loss of property, which shall or may occur to, or be sustained by the hirer, their assistants, servants or agents, or other’s entering on the property in the exercise or purported exercise of the hiring (except such injury or damage may occur by reason of the neglect of the Town Council or its servants or agents acting within the scope of their authority). The hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified the Town Council, its servants and agents from and against all claims and liabilities in respect of such injury or damage and all actions, proceedings, costs, damages and expenses in regard thereto and also from and against all other liability, claims, demands, proceedings, costs, damages and expenses in respect of injury to persons whomsoever (including injury resulting of death) and damage to or loss of property whatsoever which may arise and of, or in consequence of, the exercise or purported exercise of the hiring.
  9. CCTV
    1. CCTV is in operation on these premises including the communal carpark for the purposes of crime prevention. 

Sheringham Town Council reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice.