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Sports Pavilion – Consultation


This public consultation will seek to obtain feedback from residents and visitors, to understand and incorporate their voices in the decision-making process as we review potential improvements to the Sports Pavilion at Weybourne Road. This Consultation is being undertaken as a statutory requirement, as Sheringham Town Council does not currently hold the “General Power of Competence”.  This means that any activities or changes which will have a need for a large investment, require input from Consultees. Careful consideration will be given to the responses provided, and these will be used to shape the regeneration plans.

An eight-week consultation period will commence from 4th March and run until 28th April 2024.

Consultation methods will be undertaken by electronic surveys, face to face stakeholder pop up events, paper surveys available in public spaces and adverts in local publications.  For those who prefer they can obtain assistance via the Officers of the Council and provide their answers over the telephone or in person at the Council Offices.  We will also send 100 postal surveys to randomly selected residents from the Electoral Roll.

As well as gaining information in relation to the consultation itself, we will gather information which identifies representation in those responding. We will aim to identify Older people (over 60), younger people (under 25), 26 – 59 age group, faith groups, residents, visitors, people from different ethnic backgrounds and those with disabilities.  We will not collect data which will identify individuals.  Sheringham Town Council will store this data securely and use it only to make a judgement about representativeness.

Results of the consultation and data regarding representativeness will be published our website and publicly available upon request.

An evaluation of the consultation will also be undertaken to measure its effectiveness and if changes are required for any future consultations.

The process adopted has be created using guidance from the Local Government Association.,statutory%20consultation%20has%20specific%20rules). We have also utilised MRS guidance –