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Project Update – Beeston Hills

STC purchased the site in order to protect this valuable asset as a Putting Green for generations to come.

Sheringham Town Council now own the Putting Green at Beeston Hills and have started to undertake works ready for the 2024 season ahead.

You will have already noticed that the old hut has been demolished and we plan to site a temporary hut for this season so that the greens can be opened from the May bank holiday.

A full planning application has been approved for a brand new permanent building (PF/23/2578) planned to be sited after this season has ended.

A new entrance gate and perimeter fencing will be installed soon and work is already underway on the outfields and greens.

More updates will follow soon.


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Community ‘Thank You’ Awards

We want to acknowledge and thank the many people in our Town who volunteer their time to make a difference to the lives of people who live here.

You could nominate a volunteer at a club that you or your child attends, a neighbour, someone who volunteers to improve the local environment, someone who has raised money for a local charity, a voluntary group or not-for-profit organisation or any other person whose volunteering enriches our community.

Nominees must be unpaid, live or volunteer in the Town and their voluntary work should benefit residents of Sheringham.

 We encourage nominations for children and young people as well as adults. Everyone who is nominated will receive a certificate of thanks from the Council. Download your nomination form below and send them to us:

Closing date Tuesday 2nd April 2024



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Sports Pavilion – Consultation


This public consultation will seek to obtain feedback from residents and visitors, to understand and incorporate their voices in the decision-making process as we review potential improvements to the Sports Pavilion at Weybourne Road. This Consultation is being undertaken as a statutory requirement, as Sheringham Town Council does not currently hold the “General Power of Competence”.  This means that any activities or changes which will have a need for a large investment, require input from Consultees. Careful consideration will be given to the responses provided, and these will be used to shape the regeneration plans.

An eight-week consultation period will commence from 4th March and run until 28th April 2024.

Consultation methods will be undertaken by electronic surveys, face to face stakeholder pop up events, paper surveys available in public spaces and adverts in local publications.  For those who prefer they can obtain assistance via the Officers of the Council and provide their answers over the telephone or in person at the Council Offices.  We will also send 100 postal surveys to randomly selected residents from the Electoral Roll.

As well as gaining information in relation to the consultation itself, we will gather information which identifies representation in those responding. We will aim to identify Older people (over 60), younger people (under 25), 26 – 59 age group, faith groups, residents, visitors, people from different ethnic backgrounds and those with disabilities.  We will not collect data which will identify individuals.  Sheringham Town Council will store this data securely and use it only to make a judgement about representativeness.

Results of the consultation and data regarding representativeness will be published our website and publicly available upon request.

An evaluation of the consultation will also be undertaken to measure its effectiveness and if changes are required for any future consultations.

The process adopted has be created using guidance from the Local Government Association.,statutory%20consultation%20has%20specific%20rules). We have also utilised MRS guidance –

golf ball on green grass field during daytime

Beeston Hills – Expression of Interest

Beeston Hills catering facility and putting greens

Sheringham Town Council are inviting interested parties to express their interest in the 6 year lease, with a 3 year break clause, of the replacement facility at Beeston Hills, NR26 8BJ.

Currently under construction, the facility will provide a 30ft x 8 feet catering facility with a DDA compliant toilet and baby change.  The remaining section will have ramps for access and serving areas for provision of refreshments, food and putting equipment.

There will be provision for outdoor sheltered seating with views across the sea. Planning permission restricts opening times to between 9am and 10pm.

The facility must continue to operate primarily as a putting green, this amenity is part of a covenant applied to the property. The facility is expected to be available to tenants from May/June 2024 (may be subject to change). Year 1 rent will be adjusted pro-rata.

The container will be fitted with connection to mains electricity, water and drainage.  A basic fit internally will include the toilet, baby change, sinks, lighting, heating, work surfaces and sockets.

STC will continue to maintain the greens, this will be included in the lease. The tenant will be responsible for rates and utility costs.

Prospective tenants are asked to provide a business plan for the facility and their experience in catering or running a similar facility. Please email your expression of interest to the Clerk: by 5pm on Friday 28th June.

Please call 01263 822213 for further information if required.


End of year – Clerk’s Newsletter

As 2023 draws to a close and the team wind down to the end of the year, we thought we would reflect on the highlights and key areas of achievement by the Officer Team and Councillors.

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Station Approach – Tender Applications 2024

The Tender process is now open.

Applicants are invited to submit Tender bids in excess of £2000 by Noon on Wednesday 14th February 2024 To:

The Seasonal Licence to operate and maintain the Putting Green will run from Monday 25th March to Sunday 29th September 2024.

If this is a venture that you would like to apply for, tender bids and a completed copy of the application form should be sent directly to Sarah Peberday – Sheringham Town Clerk via email.


Memorial & Dedication Benches

The removal and replacement of the benches that Sheringham Town Council own around the town and commons is now complete. The ‘Man-made-timber’ benches are made from Enviropol material which is recycled plastic that is 100% re-recyclable when it reaches the end of its service life and each bench is made up of a combination of carrier bags, pots, tubs and trays, a large majority of which are single-use plastics. STC are proud to have played a part in reducing the amount of plastic that could have gone into our oceans and will continue to look for ways to reduce single use plastic whenever we can.

STC understands and respects the wishes of its residents to remember loved ones through a variety of memorials. If you are interested in dedicating a bench and would like to know more, please get in touch or fill out an application form.

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Remembrance Sunday 2023


12th November 2023

You are invited to join the March from Cremer Street (Outside the Salvation Army Citadel) at 10.15am to follow lone piper Jacob Millin to the War Memorial at the Esplanade for a service of Remembrance at 10.30am.

Following this, there will be a full service at St Peter’s Church from 11.15am.

If you would like to get involved with this event or would like more information, please contact Councillor Madeleine Ashcroft


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The Town Crest

Just a quick reminder that the Town Crest from outside the post office in town so that the team can repair and restore it as planned.

Watch this space for more updates…

golf ball on green grass field during daytime

Beeston Hills – Consultation Overview

Thank you to all residents and visitors that gave feedback on the Beeston Hills Putting Green during the consultation period.

The overview of information collated is now available and the feedback received demonstrates an overall interest in the investment in improvements to the Beeston Hills site.

This report and its outcomes will now be considered by the Putting Greens Strategy working group, with recommendations made to full council, with voting by members upon the outcome and subsequent actions.