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Martin Langsdon

Chair of the Community & Climate Committee

Martin was born in London where he attended school and then worked for a charity near Piccadilly Circus. He went to University in Kent and his first job after this was in social care and education welfare. He has been married for 40 years and has two grown-up sons.

Martin worked as a schoolteacher for 22 years and then as a university lecturer in Norwich and also as a psychotherapist. He is now semi-retired. He is a governor at Sheringham High School where his two sons completed their education.

Martin moved to Sheringham in 2004 and he considers that this town is the best place he has ever lived. He sees Sheringham as a real community with an amazing blend of natural resources, local history, useful amenities, and residents that care about the town.

He is committed to the development of local services, to reversal of the climate emergency and to local jobs and affordable housing.