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Peter Pegnall

Peter moved to Sheringham in 2010 largely to care for his mother, who lives in Lyng. His mother is still alive, living independently with visiting care, even though she is 96 years old and technically blind.

He is a poet, the author or 8 volumes of his own poetry. He is also a writer for The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, amongst other less august journals. Before 1995, he was a head of English at two Secondary Schools and Literature Officer for the Brighton Festival. He began an Anglo- Portuguese Poetry festival in 2000, which still functions. It is unique in being the equally devoted to the two languages and cultures.

In Sheringham, Peter took poetry to three care homes, St Nicholas, Sun Court and Westgate. He also set up poetry readings at The Funky Mackerel café, The Little Theatre and The Sitting Room. He currently runs monthly events at the Belfry in Overstrand. He lectures all over the world and also at Gresham’s School, he taught Latin at Fakenham Academy for two years before lockdown. The course was cancelled in the wake of extracurricular changes.

Peter has one daughter, for whom he was a single parent and two granddaughters.