Sheringham Town Council have funds available, to be distributed for the benefit of the young inhabitants of Sheringham, in accordance with the Youth Trust Fund deed. Applications are invited from established voluntary youth groups and associations for a grant towards a specific project or items of equipment.

The 2020 round of grants is likely to be the final round of STC Youth Trust Fund Grants. There is approximately £2000 left to be awarded. Grants must be spent on specific equipment or purposes (not salaries) within twelve months of receipt. Within 15 months of the grant being awarded, receipts must be produced, together with a report, as proof of how the grant was spent.

In accordance with the objects of the trust deed, groups must be able to demonstrate they provide services to promote the benefit of young inhabitants of Sheringham… and the neighbourhood and by associating the local authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants in common effort to advance education and provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants.

  1. Grants can only be considered from fully constituted organisations (but not from politically or religiously affiliated or associated organisations). A copy of the Constitution will be requested.
  2. Organisations must be non-discriminatory and inclusive, open to any young person.
  3. Applicants must produce current audited accounts, accounts that have been independently examined or a forecast of income and expenditure for the current year.
  4. Applicants may, if they wish, produce a covering letter which details any special points the application form does not cover.
  5. No grant will be considered unless all questions on the application form are answered.
  6. Only one grant application can be considered from any organisation in a financial year of Sheringham Town Council (1st April – 31st March).
  7. Grants are made at the sole discretion of Sheringham Town Council and their decisions are final.
  8. Before a grant is paid out, the organisation must sign a grant agreement between Sheringham Town Council and themselves. The grant agreement will require that the grant is solely used for the specified purpose. It will also state that:

(a) Quarterly reports, including copy receipts showing any expenditure made, be submitted to Sheringham Town Council until all the money has been spent, which must be within 12 months of receipt of the monies.

(b) Within fifteen months of the award being made, Sheringham Town Council will require the organisation to produce receipts giving written proof of how the funds were spent, together with a report as to how the money was used.

(c) Sheringham Town Council reserve the right to audit how the money is being used.

(d) If it transpires that monies were not spent for the purpose for which they were given, Sheringham Town Council may require repayment under the terms of the grant agreement.

Applications for 2020, on the Youth Trust Fund Grant Application Form 2020 and with completed Privacy Notice, should be submitted between 1st December 2019 and 31st January 2020 to the Town Clerk at Sheringham Community Centre, Holway Road, Sheringham NR26 8NP. Electronic submissions are welcomed and encouraged to marked for the Attention of the Town Clerk. Applications will be assessed against the permitted objectives of the Trust Deed and recommendations of suitable recipients will be made to the March meeting of the Full Sheringham Town Council. Awards will then be made during April.

At the end of August 2021, the relevant Committee of Sheringham Town Council  will meet to prepare a report for Norfolk County Council, giving details of awards made, with justifications for the reasons why each grant was given. Progress reports will be requested from successful organisations at quarterly intervals, until all monies have been spent.