Sheringham and Beeston War Memorial underwent a deep clean in preparation for WW1 Remembrance Service.

Sheringham Town Council made it a focus to enhance the War Memorial, in anticipation for WWII commemoration events taking place in 2020, and directed the Administration team to seek quotations from suitable specialist companies. The War Memorial monument which was unveiled and dedicated in 1921, is Grade II listed, as such requires particular care and attention to preserve. The war memorial is dedicated to those from Sheringham and Beeston Regis who died in service during both the First and Second World Wars.

The Administration team contacted Variblast (based in Framlingham Pigot), after seeing the work they undertook on other War Memorials in Norfolk as part of their ‘give back’ competition. The competition was launched by Variblast in 2018 to give back to Norfolk Community and to Honor the service and sacrifice of all those who gave so much but asked for so little.

After receiving notification from Variblast offering their services, Sheringham Town Mayor, Madeleine Ashcroft, commented that the Council were delighted to have been selected by Variblast for their 2019 War Memorial Clean Competition.

Cleaning was undertaken on Saturday 2nd November, with the team from Variblast donating their time for free for the project, and missing the Rugby World Cup final in the process. Warren Farrow, Director for Variblast commented that “I would like to thank the two members of my staff ‘Ben Boydell’ and ‘Scott Fairchild’, to whom carried out the works unpaid in the name of charity.”

Deputy Mayor Liz Withington, whom was present as the clean was being undertaken, thanked the team from Variblast for an excellent job that will be much appreciated by the Town and the community who are rightly proud of the people the memorial represents and remembers.

It was fitting that Variblast completed this work as just as the Town Council is working with the District Council to improve the War Memorial Gardens to raise people’s awareness of the importance of remembering the sacrifice of our previous generations.