Sheringham Town Council

Sheringham Town Council

Sheringham Town Council (STC) has 16 members who are unpaid Public Servants.   They are the first tier of Local Government, raising taxes through a precept each year to cover the local services and projects for which it is responsible.

The strength of a local council is that it is able to make a unique response to the needs of the community of Sheringham, with a sensitivity, that neither North Norfolk District Council or Norfolk County Council can achieve. STC also has a vital role to play in representing the interests of the community it serves and influencing other decision makers.

Annual Town Meeting 2019
Sheringham Allotments


Sheringham Town Council manages the Weybourne Road Allotment site for the benefit of residents of Sheringham. This popular, purpose built site is located in an attractive area of sheringham with views over the golf course, the North Norfolk Railway and the sea. A more beautiful location for relaxing and connecting with the environment could not be found.

Arts & Artefacts

The town council is proud to act as custodian for the town’s collection of art and artefacts, which includes paintings and pictures by famous local artists and reflects very much the social history of the town and surrounding area.



As cemeteries go, Sheringham is a relatively modern cemetery serving both the town and surrounding area. Set alongside an area of outstanding beauty it is a peaceful and calm enclave overlooking the sea in our busy and vibrant community.


Sheringham Town council is run through a committee structure. As a result of this committees investigate and develop projects to meet the needs and priorities of the residents, ensures the council meets it’s statutory functions and sets a clear path for the town’s future. The full council then approves the committee recommendations and actions are progressed.



Sheringham Town council are privileged to manage the commons for the town with the much appreciated support of the Beeston common Management Group- The honourable Warden Francis Farrow and Natural England. This SSI ia an area of broad biodiversity and maintaining it and developing it further as the significant site of importance that it is, is very much a priority for the town council.

Full Council Meetings

Sheringham Town Council holds two council meetings a month.

Full council – Strategy on the first Tuesday of the month

Full council – Development on the third Tuesday of the month.

Members of the public are most welcome to attend these meetings and speak on items on the agenda during the public participation section.

Putting Greens

Putting Green

Sheringham is extremely lucky to have two putting greens for the pleasure of residents and visitors during the summer months.

Sheringham Wood

A much appreciated amenity by locals and vistors thisattractive woodland is owned by Sheringham Town Council and manged by The Woodland Trust. It connects with the other local areas of woodland Pretty Corner and Sheringham Wood, providing a network of opportunity and habitats for wildlife and vegetation as well as a special place for people to enjoy and relax in.


Public Services