About Sheringham Town Council

Welcome to the website of Sheringham Town Council. We hope you find it to be a useful resource, which allows you to discover more about how the council works and the services we provide, as well as what our local area has to offer for both residents and visitors.

Sheringham Town Council (STC) has 16 members who are unpaid Public Servants. They are the first tier of Local Government, raising taxes through a precept each year to cover the local services and projects for which it is responsible.

The strength of a local council is that it is able to make a unique response to the needs of the community of Sheringham. STC also has a vital role to play in representing the interests of the community it serves and influencing other decision makers such as North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk County Council.

All these services are managed and developed through a Committee system, each of which reports back to the Full Council for final decisions.  Members of the Community who have expertise and particular skills are able to be co-opted onto some Committees helping to ensure that the decisions made are in the best interest of the Community.

Members of the public are welcomed at the Council meetings and can have the opportunity to speak about any of the subjects on that night’s agenda.


What is the Sheringham Town Council responsible for?

  • Community Centre
  • Weybourne Road Allotments
  • Cemetery
  • Town Hall
  • Sheringham Wood
  • Sports Pavilion and its Car Park
  • War Memorial
  • Henry Ramer/ Upcher Lifeboat Sheds (Fisherman’ Heritage Centre)
  • Station Approach and Beeston Hills Putting Greens
  • Some CCTV
  • Some Bus shelters, some street lighting and some dog bins.
Sheringham Allotments
Community Centre

How can the Council communicate with the Electorate?

  • Through the use of the Website
  • Facebook Page
  • At the Annual Town Meeting held every year (usually held in April) where reports are presented to the residents and there is an opportunity for discussion about any issues within the community.
  • By being approachable and involved in many of the activities which take place during the year.
  • Provide opportunities for members of the public to attend Town Council Meetings and speak in Public Participation on any item on the agenda.