About Our Allotments

The Weybourne Road Allotment Site, owned and managed by Sheringham Town Council, was opened as an amenity in 2010 and is available to residents of Sheringham. Residents from neighbouring parishes were permitted to make use of the site from 2018. Sheringham Town Council has allowed for The (WRAHA) Weybourne Road Allotment Holder Association Committee to operate a waiting list for plots and Sheringham residents are given first priority.

If you are interested in taking up an allotment, please contact the WRAHA Plot Allocation Officer, Mel Ashcroft, via email melsie2004@hotmail.com

There is parking on site (though not next to allotment plots) and, subject to availability, prospective tenants can choose from a selection of plot sizes including Full plots (10 rods: approximately 250m. sq.), Half plots (5 rods: approximately 125m. sq.), Quarter plots (2.5 rods: approximately 62.5m sq.) and a selection of raised beds. The majority of plots offer a shed, a water butt and a composter, and there are water dip tanks and mains water taps situated around the site for tenants use.

The Tenancy Agreement allows tenants to keep chickens and rabbits, though the welfare and housing conditions of these animals must comply with the ‘Animal on the Allotment Policy’ as of 2019. Greenhouses and poly tunnels are also allowed; subject to permission being granted by the Town Council.

One of the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement is that the allotment holder must have Public Liability Insurance (PLI). This can be arranged through the WRAHA and covers the tenant (only) for up to 5 million pounds, although prospective tenants are welcome to arrange their own PLI with an alternate provider.

Awards are given out annually by Sheringham Town Council to recognise the hard work and success of Allotment Holders, with categories for each size of plot and new to 2021, a category for tenants who started in the last year.

For further details about the Weybourne Road Allotment Site and for copies of the Tenancy Agreement and other associated policies please contact Sheringham Town Council via email info@sheringhamtowncouncil.gov.uk or telephone 012363 822213

man planting
Allotment field