One week on from the sudden appearance of a sink hole in the High Street, the site is already looking quieter with smaller holes filled in now the water supply and temporary services are in place. The structural survey using the mini drilling rig was completed Thursday  and the results along with the Structural Surveyors Reports and sonic survey will now be collated. This means the site will be quieter over the weekend since  it is essential this information is analysed before a design plan for the repairs can be developed. Therefore although there will appear to be little work happening on site this important behind the scenes work will be completed. Once this is in place Anglian Water will be able to safely excavate back down to repair further Anglian Water Services under controlled and safe conditions. Anglian Water will then repair the water main and the 300mm sewer and permanently back fill the hole. Once the design plan is in place clearer time scales will be available.
Structural surveys of the adjacent buildings will be taking place today.
The Town has been furnished with large signage on the entrance of the town and this is being further enhanced today to make it clear the Town Centre has access for pedestrians and businesses are open for business. Carnival and the Town Council  working with TMO are also completing a review of the signage put in place and making improvements to the signage to improve the flow of traffic and make it easier to access the Town Centre.
With sun and high temperatures the Town is looking forward to being busy and doing what sheringham does best- Sun sand and sea with a fantastic independent town centre. Shop local and support our businesses in this difficult time for them.