After a small group of councillors became aware of the difficulties faced by the moorhens on the common in successfully rearing their broods it was decided to create a refuge in the middle of the pond. Herons and rats are the common predators of the chicks and so a place of safety in the pond is essential.

With the support of the honourable warden Francis Farrow 5 councillors gathered the kit to build the Moorhen hotel and Francis Farrow put them together. On Thursday the 21st March the Moorhen Hotel was launched amid much laughter and interest from passers by on the common. The first moorhen was seen visiting the hotel at 8.30 on the Friday morning. Presumably expecting it to be bed and Breakfast!

The Town Council would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank volunteer Francis Farrow for the incredible commitment he has shown to the commons and the SSSI and playing a significant role in making it the unique renowned habitat and special place it is today.