In September 2018 a committee was formed in Sheringham that aimed to look at ways that we could ensure our Town remained an encouraging, supportive and well-resourced community for our younger residents. Comprising of representatives from our schools, youth organisations, the Police, churches and other interested parties, and chaired by Sheringham Town Council, through Cllrs Hazel Beazley and Neil Espin, the group meet termly to discuss the issues affecting younger people, share ideas and find solutions that we, as a community, can action.

One of the priorities that has been highlighted by the group is a need to focus on supporting mental health and wellbeing. It is estimated that 1 in 8 children have a diagnosable mental health condition and whilst we recognise that mental health services across the country are stretched, we wanted to see if there were small steps we could take to raise awareness and provide support to the younger people in our Town.

We have therefore decided to run a ‘Mental Health Awareness Evening’ on the 30th January. Funded by Sheringham Town Council, it is a free event that is open to anyone who works with children, young people or families in the Town, either in a paid or voluntary capacity. A representative from the Charlie Waller Trust will do a keynote address and there will also be an opportunity to hear about what different organisations in the Town are already doing. The aim of the evening is to share information so that we as a community are more knowledgeable of the issues and better able to help any young people that come to us for help.

If you would like to attend then please look out for further information in November. Anyone interested in presenting should contact the Sheringham Town Council Office at We look forward to seeing lots of people on the 30th January as we strive to be a Town that nurtures and supports our younger residents as best we can.