Free 30 minute parking agreed by NNDC on Morris Street car park for 115 spaces to support the Town in it’s Sheringham Open for Business Campaign.

Steve Blatch, at NNDC this afternoon confirmed the following arrangements.
“I can confirm that the District Council is able to support the local community and Sheringham Town Council’s request in its response to the challenges presented by the sinkhole through the provision of 30-minute free parking in the Morris Street car park. This gesture of goodwill by the District Council is intended to support short-stay visits to town centre businesses and will operate on the basis of the current three (in number) 30-minute “free” spaces provided in that car park. In order to minimise potential confusion regarding the use of spaces in the Morris Street car park, the 30-minute free parking will operate across the whole of the car park (115 spaces); with people required to obtain a ticket from the machine for short-stay visits, with the usual payment regime applying for longer stays.”
It is hoped to have the changes to pay machines and signage in place for Saturday 21st June. Please check the signage and obtain a ticket before leaving your vehicle for the free 30 minutes in case of an operational delay.