Sheringham North & South Wards Street lists following 2018 Review
New Polling District
Sheringham North – SN1
Anchor Close
Augusta Court
Augusta Street
Avenue South
Barchams Yard
Barford Road
Beach Road
Beeston Common No’s 17 – 33 inclusive
Beeston Road
Chapmans Close
Church Street
Cliff Road
Conway Road
Co-operative Street
Cremer Street
Cromer Road No’s 7 – 15 odds only
Curtis Lane
Duncan Court
East Cliff
George Street
Gun Street
Hastings Lane
High Street
Hillview Road
James Close
Lawson Way
Lifeboat Plain
Links Road
Loudwater Court
Marriotts Way
Melbourne Road
Montague Road
Morris Street
Nelson Road
New Road
New Street
North Street
Priory Road
Regis Place
Sadlers Court, Church Street
Sadlers Court, Waterbank Road
Salisbury Road
Sea View
Shannock Court, George Street
South Street
St Andrews Close
St Austins Grove
St Nicholas Place
St Peters Road
Station Approach
Station Road
The Avenue
The Boulevard
The Close
The Driftway
The Esplanade
The Promenade
Victoria Street
Vincent Road
Waterbank Road
West Cliff
Weston Street
Weston Terrace
Whitehall Yard
Wyndham Tom Street