Sheringham Coastguard

As one of the UK’s primary emergency services, HM Coastguard coordinates search and rescue operations around the UK’s coastline.

The Coastguard Rescue Service (CRS) is a part of HM Coastguard. It uses the skills of its volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officers, alongside other 999 Emergency Services, to carry out coastal and seaside rescues.

Equipped for Search and Rescue, the CRS is made up of 3500 volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officers, located right around the coast of the UK. They are highly skilled rescuers, trained in a wide range of capabilities specifically for the coastal environment and the communities in which they live and work.

Your local teams are located in Sheringham and Cromer.

The coastguard are the 4th emergency service. Dial 999 for accidents on the sea, beach and cliffs.

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