Booking 5 & 6

Room’s 5 and 6 can either be booked individually and seperated via a divider, or be booked to create one larger space with access to first floor kitchen facility.

Here at Sheringham TC we always have a range of events on. We offer a calendar to clearly display what events are on, which days and which times. Some events are more specific to certain members of the public than others, therefore click on the event for more information, or get in touch with us if you need.

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Booking Main Hall

The Main Hall is located on ground floor of Sheringham Community Centre, with access to Kitchen Facilities.

Sheringham Community Centre offers a range of halls available for booking. Each room varies in size, allow room for a range of activities and purposes for each.


For information, or to book, please contact out team:

Telephone 01263 822150