3 members of the Anglian Water Team attended a Sheringham Chamber of Trade meeting along with Sheringham Town Council, North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) and Highways on Wednesday night to discuss the sinkhole.

It proved to be a very successful discussion and it was very useful to hear and address the concerns of local businesses as we look to minimise disruption for traders and customers in the town.

Following that meeting I’d like to share the latest update with you:

Our engineers have now started excavating the hole down to the level of the sewer pipe, which is approximately eight metres deep. We’ll be inserting metal sheets to secure the hole and prevent further collapse allowing us to work safely, whilst protecting the public and neighbouring buildings of course. Some of this work will be done by hand as it’s such a confined and deep space.

We are hoping to reach the sewer pipe by the middle / end of next week, when we’ll then have a better idea of what repair plan will be needed. Until then, we are not able to confirm how long the work will take, but we are anticipating it to be weeks rather than months.

One of our focus areas is to get the closed footpath open as soon as possible, giving access back to the couple of businesses that have had to temporarily close.

We can confirm, that, given local feedback and following discussion with local businesses, we will start seven day working from next Monday 17th June, with our first working Sunday next week on 23rd June. We will not be on site 24/7 however, as there are safety concerns for our workforce and acknowledgement of local noise disruption overnight.

We will continue to update businesses daily via our teams on site, and share progress reports with the community and local media as work continues,