About Our Allotments

Situated off the Weybourne Rd, Sheringham Town Council’s allotments gives some of the best views in Sheringham, overlooking the North Norfolk Railway, the Golf Course and the sea.

Allotments are available to residents of Sheringham and of neighbouring parishes. Please note that Sheringham residents will be given first priority. Sheringham Town Council operate a waiting list. Unfortunately, Sheringham Town Council are unable to inform applicants of how long they can expect to remain on a waiting list before they are offered a plot. Allotments usually become available as a result of a tenant giving up a plot or if a tenancy has been terminated due to a tenant breaking the rules. As a result, it is not possible to accurately predict how many plots may become vacant during any given period. We ask that applicants to be patient whilst waiting for a plot to become available, and once you reach the top of the waiting list and a plot becomes available you will be contacted by a representative of Sheringham Town Council.

The Allotment consists of full plots which are 10 rods (approximately 250m2),  half plots of 5 rods and some quarter plots which are 2.5 rods.  The allotment site was opened in 2010 and was a brand new, purpose built allotment site. There is easily accessible parking on site and some raised beds to improve ease of access for allotment holders.

The majority of plot’s offer a shed, a rain water butt and a composter. In addition, there are a few water dip tanks situated around the site for tenants use. Greenhouses are allowed on the plots; see tenancy agreement for full details.

The Weybourne Road Allotments are almost all the well cultivated plots are producing a range of vegetables, fruit, cut flowers and bulbs. A small percentage have small areas of lawn to enable the allotment to serve a leisure purpose, in addition to it’s primary function of food and flower production. The tenancy agreement also allows for tenants to keep chickens and rabbits on their plots though the welfare conditions of these animals must comply with the ‘Animal on the Allotment Policy’ as of 2019.

One of the conditions of the tenancy agreement is that the allotment holder must have public liability insurance. This can be arranged through the Weybourne Rd Allotments Association. (WRAA) The subscription to the WRAA covers an individual for up to 5 million pounds. WRAA represent the allotment holders, when dealing with Sheringham Town Council. WRAA is affiliated with the South West Counties Allotments Association, which represents the allotment holders on a county and national level.

An ‘Allotment Representative’ is appointed at the February AGM, who attends the ‘Environmental Assets and Sustainability Committee’ meeting of the Town Council, meetings are held quarterly. The representative reports on the views of the allotment holders and also take part in theallotment inspections by the Allotments, Commons and Cemetery Committee.

Each year,  awards given out by Sheringham Town Council, to recognise the hard work and success of allotment holders. Awards for the best kept allotment are given out in each size category.

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