Sheringham Community Award Scheme 2021 

Sheringham Town Council recognises that this has been an unprecedented year and we would like to acknowledge that in this year’s Community Awards Scheme.

Whilst the Award Scheme is normally only open for nominations for individuals and organisations who undertake voluntary work, this year we would like to extend it to include anyone who lives or works in the Town. Many of our Town’s shop staff, teachers, care-workers, postal workers, surgery staff etc have also gone far beyond their usual responsibilities and it seems right that they may also be eligible for nomination this year.

We, therefore, invite the community to nominate anyone who lives or works in the Town who they think has made a positive difference this year. We would love to receive nominations for children and young people, as well as adults. It could be a neighbour who has provided support, a person who has inspired you with their approach to a difficult situation, a person who has brought about positive difference to the local environment or a person who has just provided hope or support when you have needed it. Although many voluntary organisations and groups have been unable to operate, we appreciate that some have continued to provide support and those operating may have made a significant difference to lives in our community.  Nominations for these Community Voluntary Organisations and volunteers are also most welcome. We would love for the nominations to be as broad and wide ranging as possible to showcase the very best of Sheringham Community Spirit.

All nominees will receive a certificate of thanks.


Nominations to be returned to Sheringham Town Council no later than Wednesday 17th March 2021; with Awards to be presented later in the year.